20 april 2024

Patti Valkenburg invited to join Academia Europaea


Patti Valkenburg has been invited to join Academia Europaea, the prestigious European Academy. Academia Europaea recognizes individuals who have demonstrated sustained academic excellence. Valkenburg's selection reflects her leadership in media psychology and her innovative approaches to studying media's impact on youth.


14 December 2023

Essay for UNICEF

Dutch adolescents spend about six hours per day on their mobile phones,  of which two and a half hours are spend on social media. What does this their mean for their mental health? 


6 June 2023

Social media good for friendships, bad for self-concept

Still 06Members of Project AWeSome (Adolescents, Well-being, and Social media) interviewed 480 adolescents aged 14 to 17 about the pros and cons of social media, relying on a survey study and qualitative interviews.

27 May 2023

Project AWeSome Receives Innovation Award for MethodFoto_ICA_award.jpg

Team AWeSome I (2018-2021)—Ine Beyens, Loes Keijsers, Loes Pouwels, Irene van Driel, and Patti Valkenburg—received the Innovation Award for Method from ICA’s Mass Comm Division.